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I remember seeing an old camera in a medical cupboard in my Mother's kitchen. It was on the top shelf so it was a climb to reach it. I would always sneak a look at it, but never really got to use it. The camera was a Pentax P30 with a 50mm F1.7. I remember the first time I got to use it, it loaded a 24 exposure roll of Fujifilm 200 and had no idea what I was looking at. All the numbers, the weird little circle in the centre of the viewfinder. I never really used this camera to it's fullest, but it didn't stop me from taking it with me and photographing the plants around by the rivers where I used to live. I still have that camera to this day. It doesn't function but it sits there as a reminder where my love of photography started. That naïve curiosity, wanting to find out more about it all....

Flash forward. I now am a hobbyist Photographer wanting to expand and become something more. I have focused and practised with photography for the majority of my life and went on studied film production falling in love with the medium.

I now run a PK set up with an XT3 & A7, along with my father's old camera, a Chinon CG-5. 


Please feel free to check out my photography.

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